Loose Bead Thread Machine

VHS 680S

The first in the world launched
Technology of the original

Introduces the new technology of Vision Tech which introduced Korean Loose bead thread machine to the world for the first time.
The VHS-680S can work with various pattern and type of Loodse beads.
680s uses loose beads to make thread beads for VHS-680 machine use.

A wide variety of materials

VHS-680 can be used with beads up to 5mm length and 5mm diameter of 2Cut(Hexagon)Bead, Round Rocailles, pearl.
You can use various sizes of beads.

Easy & Fast

Everyone can make threaded beads easily and quickly.

Speed adjustment

Work speed can be adjusted by dial switch.


Grouping of bead

Grouping of bead according to the quantity can be made
on the control panel.

You can customize it according to the design you want.

Adjust the bead interval

Adjustment of bead distance Variable from 5mm with 5mm interval.
Adjustment of bead distance can be made on thecontrol panel.


1PH, 110V/220V, 50/60HZ
1200 x 580 x 1250(mm)