Evolved once more.
Speed and productivity remain the same.
Larger working radius & More convenient to use.

Automatic Rhinestone setting Machine


Completely new concept rhinestone setting machine

Introduces the new technology of Vision Tech which introduced Korean automatic rhinestone motif setting machine to the world for the first time.
There are many kinds of motif machine in various countries around the world.
However, it still stays in similar concept and performance.
Today we introduce a whole new concept and a different kind of machine.
Rhinestone is still the hottest item in the apparel decoration market.
Express your imagination with our machine easier, faster and comfortably.
It will surely maximize the profit of your business.

Over 600 Stones Per Minute

The world’s fastest Rhinestone motif setting machine.
It sets stones at a speed of over 600 per minute.
Our system is faster and more accurate than any existing system.

Single Feeder,
Easy exchange system

We have developed a single feeder system for users who prefer simple but large design production.
By adopting a easy detachable feeder system, it can be applied when multi-color work is required.
Users can manually change feeders in seconds.
The feeder system does not require any additional settings for color and size exchange.
Therefore, it still enables a variety of motif design works.



(Rhinestone Setting Feeder)

The revolutionary RSF feeder system has evolved one step further.
A completely new system that overcomes the limitations of existing disk systems.
This has the same performance as before, making cleaning and maintenance easier.
This is faster, more convenient and innovative.

Large work table

Equipped with a slightly larger sized(600x450mm) work table.
It is possible to repeat design works by using large size transfer paper.
In addition, a larger design work is now possible.

6Colors & 7Sizes

It is excellent in design expression with materials of various kinds and colors.
Check the available sizes for each type.

Rhinestone- SS4, SS6, SS8, SS10, SS12, SS16, SS20
Rhinestud- 2MM-5MM

Intuitive operation system

It provides user friendly interface with 13-inch touch screen.


Among similar products, your product will shine even more. You can make differentiated products from others.You can make easily and quickly.

No air compressor required

Use only minimal air to work as a vacuum generator built-in machine.


Power supply
Single phase AC 220V 50/60HZ
Working Area
600(24") x 450(18")mm(Inch)
130kg / 286IBS
1110(44") x 910(36") x 600(24")mm(Inch)