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Who we are

We, Vision Tech co in Korea, as a reliable supplier and manufacturer in Korea, have made and supplied the materials for digital printing, embroidery and hotfix works such as emb. printer inks, heat-transfer, hotfix, embroidery, sewing, fashion decoration items in the world market for a long time.
We also have made and supplied relative machines for digital printing, textile and hotfix works.
We have devoted ourselves in making the best quality products since establishment of our company in 1998.
Owing to best quality goods, competitive price and fast delivery, we have enjoyed good reputation in the world market for many years.
We have grown up steadily under close cooperation from our various partners in the world and so always feel thanks to them with deep responsibility on making and supplying of best quality products.
We will do our best and utmost efforts to satisfy our buyers with best service at all times.

Our experience

We are exporting the equipment and materials related to the textile, fashion and digital printing business worldwide.

Start of business - 20 years
Manufacturing & exporting- 19 years
Creative Services - 17years
R & D - 15years
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Principles of our work

Business Summary

Digital printing, Textile, Hotfix

Product Summary

Digital printer, Digital finishing Machinery, Printer ink, applications,

Hotfix Machinery, Fashion decoration Machinery, Fashion machinery,

Hotfix materials, Embroidery materials, Sewing materials, Accessories, Etc.