Produce hotfix sequin motifs with various colors and sizes

Making hotfix Sequin(Center Hole type) motif on the transfer paper automatically.
VT-104SM is workable from 2mm to 9mm sequin(Center hole type) as per the input design from the computer(USB) using 4 different color and sizes.
The weight of the material is hardly felt after thermal attached to the product, so it is comfortable to wear.

1. Intuitive operation system

High definition and clean outlook operating control box.
Zoom in & out the designs.
Continuous operation, Mirror effect, Offset and Edit.
Self-diagnosis function (Self-checking system)

2. Easy set and change

Enables work with from 2mm to 5mm sequins without replacing the guide with the Pre / back control that is easy to change sequin size.
Time saving and convenient due to quick settings.

3. Ample workspace

With a work area of 500x350 mm tambour frame enables large designs and ensures stability with use of clips.

4. Sensor

The sensor will sense the number of sequin assigned in and then stop the machine automatically.

5. More productive

The fastest sequin motif equipment in the world.
It sets a maximum speed of 750 RPM.

Items Contents
Items Contents
Input power 1Φ 220VAC 3A 50/60Hz
Air pressure 4~5bar
Power consumption 1kw
Input Output device USB port
Ground 10MΩ more
Humidity 30~95% RH
Temperature 0~40℃(driving)/-10~60℃(storage
Dimension 850(W) x 1210(H) x 840(D)mm
Weight Net 142KG / Gross 202KG

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