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This equipment adds the value of the fabric, clothing, bags, shoes.

Quickly and easily with less money, makes others with differentiated products.

The high quality and reliability of the equipment maintenance costs less than third-party devices.



1.Simple changing and adjusting the mold, hose.

All of Setting point for the mold and hose has been
fixed. No adjustment is required after changing mold
set and hose. It Just 4 step finish enough. losen,
take off, take in, tighten.

2. Can attach various sizes of pearl.

Attaching pearl size from 4,5,6,8,10,12 and 16 mm  by changing mold and hose easily

3. Longer claws supply rail.

Due to the longer size of rail can supply claws a reliable and fast.

4. Wide size working table.

The large and spacious size of the fabric can be used.

5. Attaching pearl from top side.

6. Can attach maximum 200 pcs/min.

7. Can make pattern work with  combination of 2 sizes/color pearl.

■Working area800x400 mm
■Power supply220V 50/60 Hz
■Dimension800x800x1360 mm

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